What is ImprovUX?

ImprovUX is a series of talks and workshops that apply the skills of Improvisation to the world of User Experience. It positively affects the Relational, Working and Exploratory connections between UX Practitioners, Clients, Teams and most importantly the Users our products are serving.

We’ve presented ImprovUX at:

These are fun and INTERACTIVE talks, that include audience participation using improv exercises. These exercises help show how listening, acceptance and a lack of judgement can create a more empathetic, collaborative, creative, agile, and innovative culture.

Mike Gorgone


I am someone who loves being part of a creative, supportive and collaborative design team that builds engaging experiences for digital products at a company that fosters a culture that values design thinking and makes it a priority in how the company runs and solves problems. I currently get to do all of the above in the Experience Design (XD) Group at EY. The Group is divided into Strategy, Creative, and Technology disciplines. The XD Group collaborates heavily with leadership and stakeholders to align with business goals and strategy.

I discovered Improv when I lived in Chicago and started taking classes at Second City and iO (formerly improvOlympic). Improv taught me how to be present and more aware of the moment as well as how to listen and absorb information instead of just listening to respond. I also learned (and frequently witnessed) that a group can create more amazing and incredible work when collaborating together in a non-judgmental and supportive manner than any of those individuals could have created working alone.




JackPie – Atlanta, Teacher/Performer
Theater 99 – Charleston, Performer
Improv Olympic – Chicago
Second City – Chicago (Beginning Program)

Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Online) ’08 – Web Design
Loyola University ’96 – Masters, Computer Science
University of Dayton ’92 – BEE


Jim Karwisch

Jim Karwisch


Jim is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Dumore Improv. He has been working in the Fortune 500 world since 1999 and has been teaching improvisation since 1997. Jim was the Education Director at the Jackpie Theatre Workshop in Atlanta GA, which he co-founded in 2002, and has been combining his knowledge of business communication and innovation with his improv skills ever since.

Jim lives by the philosophy of being interesting by being interested. His world revolves around his mission to clarify and amplify and loves nothing more than enabling “a-ha” moments in his client’s lives.

Jim lives in Atlanta GA with his wife Mary and his son Eli. When he is not mashing up improv and innovation you can find him drawing, reading and taking way too many pictures.