The Atlanta Improv Dojo

The Atlanta Improv Dojo was designed specifically for those who have a solid understanding of improvisation and are ready to begin working these skillsets into their muscles. We meet once a week as an ongoing study. After a commitment of eight weeks at the beginning, the membership shifts to month to month opt in.

Joining the Dojo is accomplished by obtaining two of three criteria…

  1. A recommendation by a current member
  2. A free drop in single session so that you can meet the members and the members can meet you.
  3. An evaluation by a dojo leader

What you will need:
1.) Loose and comfortable clothing
2.) Spill proof water container
3.) Socks (we work without shoes)
4.) A notebook and pen
5.) Our Numbers – Jim – 404.272.1212 | Sebastian – 858.752.3571 | Savannah – 813.843.0634

1.) Arrive on time. (If you arrive late do not act late. Come in, be calm and slip into whatever the exercise is we are doing. If you had a rough day and need a second, go to the hallway or restroom and get your head straight.)
2.) Come ready to move and be physical.
3.) Shoes off at the door.
4.) Give yourself enough time to have any substances out of your system before we begin each session. (If you wake and bake ok, but don’t bake and play.)
5.) Be respectful of each other both emotionally and physically. (Assholes will be asked to leave.)

The Flow
(Created by Jim Karwisch and Sebastian Ruf)

I am my breath
I am emotional
I am physical
I am my heartbeat
I am enough

I am soft focused
I am support
I am forward energy
I am instant action
I am the group

I am world building
I am time and space
I am specific
I am bold
I am pure play