ImprovUXYour Secret's Safe With Gus Podcast

Jim Karwisch

Jim Karwisch
    • Coach and Trainer at DuMore Improv
    • Creator of Your Secret’s Safe With Gus Podcast
    • Plays Augustus “Gus” Galilei on Your Secret’s Safe With Gus Podcast
    • Co-creator of Improv in Action Podcast
    • Co-creator of ImprovUX
    • Creator of Improv in Action Network
    • Co-Author of upcoming “Finding Pure Play: Mindfulness and Mastery in Improvisation”
    • Trained by T.J. Jagodowski, Noah Gregoropoulos, Miles Stroth, Liz Allen, John Lutz, Christina Gausas, and Bob Dassie
    • Ran the Jackpie Theatre Workshop in Atlanta from 2001 – 2011
    • Specializes in Solo, Duo, and Trio improvisation